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East Career Technical Academy9

Las Vegas, NV | Clark County


March 3, 2013

Best school on the East side of town, however in comparison with other Tech schools such as Southeast, Southwest, West, and Northwest. East has weaker students and not much parental involvement. There are excellent teachers, strong leadership, and a great AP program that students are able to take advantage of but more students need to be motivated to learn and need to appreciate their teachers more like other Tech schools.

Submitted by a parent

January 10, 2013

an AMAZING school. friendly environment and teachers actually TEACH! it prepares you for college. if you are serious about your education, attend this school.

Submitted by a student

September 30, 2012

I absolutely love this school. It has a college feel to it & it prepares us for the future. I never thought I could actually enjoy going to school, but once I came here, I was definitely proved wrong. The teachers, staff, & students are very friendly and I don't feel out of place at all. One thing for sure is that ONLY attend this school if you're serious about your learning. The teachers are very strict with helping you keep your grades up & that's exactly what I love. I do have to wake up much earlier than what I was used to, but it is definitely worth it. I absolutely recommend this school to any upcoming freshman . :)

Submitted by a student

May 17, 2012

Lots of clubs for students to be in. Great Student environment, A student who was been here 3 years, We are the Mountain.I would never go to my Home school because i love it here at ECTA. Am a proud student who is a JUNIOR class 0f 2013.

Submitted by a student

November 15, 2011

ECTA. There is something special in those 4 letters. To me, it doesn't just stand for East Carrer & Technical Academy. In my eyes, these letters represent four values that are instilled into every graduate. E - Education to not only survive, but to thrive in the real world C - Common sence to think through decisions and our futures and to make the right choices to ensure a better tomorrow T - Time spent to ensure that we are not just giving projects and assignments half of our abilities, but giving them all we got! A - Amazingly outstanding memories and friendships between students and staff members that will last forever in our hearts. I am currently a senior at this amazing school and I know this school has something special that no other school in this vally has. The teachers do so much to help to ensure you not only succeed, but thrive. Many of the teachers think nothing of it to stay after or come a little early to school to help a student who is confused or struggling. The key thing all parents and future students should know is that this school is dedicated to your future and, if you are not ready to put in the time and the effort, do not attend.

Submitted by a student

August 8, 2011

East Tech is the school for a student who is passionate to learn about their future career. We are pushed to do our best and receive plenty of rewards such as dances, talent shows, and creative dress up days. Though there are no sports at this school, we excel in theater, cheer leading, broadcast journalism, DECA, and other student organizations. We are independent but still get plenty of help from teachers and fellow students.

Submitted by a student

October 15, 2010

Thankfully, the quality of education at this school is very high, the teachers care about the students, and (most importantly) the students actually LEARN something.

Submitted by a parent

March 18, 2010

My daughter is a Freshmen and excels in this school. The environment is wonderful and find that my daughter and her friends are motivated to learn...with that said, teachers, faculty and their program must be doing something right.

Submitted by a parent

February 23, 2010

This school is the GREATEST school IN THE WORLD! If you are a parent you should send your child to this school because of too many reasons to write! The campus, faculty, staff, friends, classes, and amount of homework are all GREAT! They always make sure the campus is clean and you NEVER find gum under a chair :) The deans, and people in the office are very nice and so are all of my teachers! By making your kid leave their home school, they're NOT losing friends because they will make friends with EVERYONE here! By coming to East Tech, you have opportunities to succeed by taking extra classes, and the block scheduling is great! I love having an extra night to do homework! We are a progect based learning school which isn't a problem cuz we get to work in groups! GO EAST TECH! :)

Submitted by a student

February 19, 2010

i love this school so much! it's the best school here in vegas. at first i was scared of going because it looked like everyone is mean but when i went in, the staff is so kind, the students as well. the teachers are very nice and they care about your future. i got straight a's on my first semester, i owe this firstly to god and to the school. my teachers inspire me to work hard and to not miss school. this is a great school. if you come here you will never regret it :]

Submitted by a student

February 18, 2010

This school isn't all that great. I attend this school. It may seem big at first but after a few months it seems like it gets really small. The teachers are okay, with the exception of a few slightly scary and weird teachers, but other than that the teachers are great. I don't like how the this school requires you to dress up for each and every presentation. Not many students want to stay at this school.

Submitted by a student

January 26, 2010

To be honest, I love this school!!!! This school shows you what to expect in the future, with your career. Teachers and students are very friendly and they will help you on school work or social problems, if you need help. There are NO mean people including teachers! I would MUCH RATHER go here than my zoned school! Classes are not stressful because of the block schedule. It's actually easier to concentrate in class.

Submitted by a student

January 19, 2010

I am a freshman at east tech and all I have to say is 'LOVE IT.' Everyone here is so nice and friendly. Every teacher explains everything so well you hardly have any problems. There has not been 1 single bully situation.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL!

Submitted by a student

December 16, 2009

This is honestly a wonderfull school,, IF you are intersted in the programs that are there. I honestly was forced to go to East Tech, and absloutly hate it. So, go on your own terms, not what everyone else wants you to. But the learning enviroment is great, and everyone gets along. No drama or anything.

Submitted by a student

October 25, 2009

I love this school. It really enhanced my child's skills to the max!

Submitted by a parent

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